Calgary Custom Home Developer - Finding A Company That Can Help You With Your Custom Home

Building a unique luxury home according to your custom specifications is one of the dreams of twenty-first century life, and is the best way that you can make sure everything about your living situation meticulously fits your needs and is a match with your lifestyle. Below are a few steps that you can take to ensure you’re working with the right home developer.

From Start To Finish

You need to choose a company that has a roster of professionals that will allow you to take your project from its beginning stages all the way to completion. This essential if you are going to have the house that you want built, because a contractor that is constantly sub-contracting out aspects of the overall project is going to lose the vision and produce an inferior result.

Reliable Service & Results

If you’re serious about finding a great home developer (and you should be, as they are going to play a tremendous role in how this entire process turns out), you should be looking for a company that has already demonstrated its capacity to produce excellent results in this arena. You can usually learn a lot about a company’s track record by references, testimonials or by going to review sites and looking at what previous clientele have to say.

Staying On Schedule

A great home developer is going to be able to provide you with a detailed schedule of how the project will go, and will continuously supply you with updates of their progress so that you are never feeling disconnected from your own project. This is so important and can really make all the difference when teaming up with a contractor.

If you’re looking for a Calgary custom home developer but are concerned about finding the right one for you, don’t be. We are a top-rated custom home developer in Calgary and we’d be happy to help you however we can. Contact us now to learn more about what we have to offer.

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A Growing Legacy of Craftsmanship & Service
Paul Klassen, an inter-provincial journeyman carpenter, who founded the Pinnacle Group in 1998, has been involved in general contracting, project management, & upscale, design-build new home and remodelling since 1984; 2009 marked his 25th year in business. He brings with him a wealth of construction knowledge having spent considerable time as a developer in the custom home market, spec home development, multi-family structures as well as commercial retrofitting.

Today, Paul manages the company while being surrounded by a wealth of industry knowledge made possible by assembling a remarkable group of trades, suppliers and staff. As an active member of the Calgary Region Home Builder’s Association, and volunteer on Calgary’s Reno-Council he continues to stay abreast of the latest renovation trends and building code developments. He was also part of the initial six local renovators to embrace and launch the RenoMark program, and actively participates in RenoMark events; Reno Tours as well as providing project submissions to Calgary’s annual SAM Awards.
Paul sums up the Pinnacle Group’s success with this statement: “I truly believe that to have grown at the pace that Pinnacle has over the last several years, and to have earned the respect of the remarkable clients we’ve served, takes more than just a dedicated business owner and project manager. The many kind client letters, referrals and testimonials can largely be attributed to our staff, and our team of qualified tradesmen, efficient sub-contractors and reputable suppliers!”.